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LAMCAR® Security Tower Product Description

The LAMCAR® security tower provides a stable barricade system to prevent people and equipment from entering a LAMCAR Security Tower can be configured to meet your needs.restricted area. These security towers can be grouped to form many configurations. The beam and pin concept allows various geometric formations such as: the triangle, square, rectangle, trapezoid, pentagon, hexagon, octagon and many other variations. These features have no boundaries or limits, and endless combinations or configurations can be achieved.


The LAMCAR Security Tower adapters allow for flexible barricade design. Our adapters are made to accept a 2 x 4, 1 x 6 or even 1 X 8 plastic or wood board. Each adapter has a 1 1/8 hole to fit over a 1 pin on the security tower. This will allow you to pivot the barricade to whatever configuration is required.  A plastic chain can be used instead of the plastic boards and are attached onto the hooks of the security tower. All of our boards, chains, adapters and security towers are color coordinated  to suit any requirement.


The LAMCAR Security Tower can be used with warning signs or flashing lights to highlight danger areas. A bar on top of the tower is provided for the attachment of a sign, such as Do Not Enter, Caution, Acid, etc. It can also be used to mount a flashing caution light when a customer would like the tower to be seen at night or bring more attention to the restricted area. 


For additional stability, the base of the LAMCAR Security Tower can be filled with water, concrete, or sand. The base of the tower has a threaded opening and cap that allows the user to fill the base with water, sand, gravel or concrete to add weight and sturdiness to the tower. When filled with water, it will take approximately 5 gallons for a total weight of 40 lbs. plus the weight of the tower and beams.


The LAMCAR Security Tower and accessories are available in safety yellow and danger red. The above tower, beams and chains can be made in custom colors. Basic colors will be safety yellow and danger red.




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